Track Premiere: Officium Triste – ‘The End is Nigh’

Repent! “The End is Nigh” and the messengers are none other than long-running Dutch death/doomsayers Officium Triste, who are releasing their fifth album, The Death of Gaia, in December. With a late-winter release date, The Death of Gaia could easily fall off of one’s radar—that would be a mistake.

As songs like “The End is Nigh” demonstrate, Officium Triste have a talent for dramatic, slow death/doom that incorporates violin, cello and keys in a very elegant fashion. If it weren’t for its shorter length of seven minutes and change, “The End is Nigh” would be more easily described as funeral doom given the song’s depressing melodies and extremely-slow tempo.

If all that sounds dramatic, that’s because it is and that’s why The Death of Gaia should be on every doom fan’s radar this year. Listen to “The End is Nigh” and head to Transcending Obscurity to pre-order.