Full Album Premiere: High Command – ‘Beyond the Wall of Desolation’

Since 2016, Demo:listen alums High Command have occupied a sweet spot between Cro-Mags-style snarling crossover and epic heavy metal. By combining the rugged and fantastical themes of the latter with the overly aggressive attack of the former, the Massachusetts-based warriors have quickly become notorious in the underground for their violence-fomenting ways.

Now High Command stand ready to sound the horn and release their debut full length, Beyond the Wall of Desolation. Recorded at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, High Command’s debut hosts eight seismic crushers from the land of Secartha.

“Hacked out of the frozen New England winter, Beyond the Wall of Desolation brings forth a prophecy of a long forgotten aeon steeped in lore and savagery, where valor flowed with the waters and fires burned with sorcery,” says High Command guitarist Ryan McArdle. “Our goal in the creation of this record was to make the perfect fitting soundtrack to a spiked mace coming down on a human skull.”

Beyond the Wall of Desolation

Beyond the Walls of Desolation comes out tomorrow on Southern Lord.

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