Track Premiere: Mexican Werewolf – ‘The Last Days of Disco’

Mexican Werewolf are a Chicago-based trio who play a particularly combustive form of sludgy, heavy metal-influenced rock’n’roll. Suffice to say, Mexican Werewolf may defy description, but their riffs and grooves come as a breath of fresh air. Granted, that fresh air is soon accompanied by the smell of something burning, as Mexican Werewolf rip, slash and burn through track after track on their debut full length, Murder House

Recorded at Electronical Studio in Chicago by Allen Epley and Eric Albert, Murder House tells the story of the Villalobos, or the Mexican Werewolf. According to Rick Linus, MW’s guitarist/vocalist, who says he wants the lyrics to read like “they’re for a graphic novel, or a script for a 70s exploitation movie, rather than a song or record,” the Mexican Werewolf is “this violent, unstoppable character with a crazy past that’s crossed over into a lot of weird mythology.  She used to be a mercenary for hire, but a lot of her former allies betrayed her, and now’s she’s become a vigilante.” Linus says every track on Murder House “is about her adversaries who want to take her down and steal the title. Think of what the Warriors had to go through on their way back to Coney Island.”

With all that in mind, and having heard Mexican Werewolf’s debut in its entirety, we’re psyched to host this track premiere of the third song from Murder House. Called “The Last Days of Disco,” here’s what Rick Linus has to say about the track:

“This track brings us to an alternate reality of New York City, right around 1980.  Fear is about to play on SNL and Sammy “Disco” Anzalone happens to be one of the punks in the crowd.  He is also being groomed to be a capo in the Anzalone crime family, with ambitions to be a Boss someday. During his meteoric rise to the top, he makes a fatal mistake by partnering with a Russian Mob and partners up with them to fund a major human trafficking ring out West. Bam smack in the middle of the territory where former mercenary, Villalobos, AKA, The Mexican Werewolf resides. After she successfully puts an end to the ring (leaving a massive bloodbath in the process), she finds out that Sammy was one of the top figures in the operation. Then he puts a contract on her to be taken care of immediately. Then she finds out he put a contract on her to be taken care of immediately. Then it becomes painfully clear that he has become her latest target.”


“The Last Days of Disco”

Murder House comes out October 18th on The Unholy Empire Recording Co.

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