Track Premiere: Thunderclap – ’47’

Florida trio Thunderclap may be new, but the band’s members have a long history in the hardcore, punk and emo scene in their home state, playing in bands like Discount, Army Of Ponch, The Draft, Unitas, J.Page, House On Fire and more over the years. Despite that, their debut LP Inebriocean is a potent collection of rifftastic doom metal.

Vocalist Todd Rockhill and Ale Gasso provide vocals that feel refreshingly different, which cuts through the monotony that plagues the stoner/doom scene and underscores the big riffs and uplifting melodies found throughout songs like “47,” streaming below.

“The whole album plays on a theme—the Inebriocean,” Rockhill says. “The ocean represents the darkness and despair of an inebriated life—nearly drowning yet thriving in a dangerous place where one has lost control.

“‘47’ falls right in the middle of the album as the climax of the journey in the Inebriocean. The song itself tells the story of a card game as a metaphor for the inner workings of a dive bar. The same rules apply. “All in at the table. All in at the bar. Once it’s thrown down we all know we won’t be going too far.”

“I remember watching Rachel’s band, Towers of Hanoi, play here in Gainesville. I was always impressed by her range and the crazy things she could do with her voice. When I was putting the vocal together for 47 I heard in my head something I knew I couldn’t do. When we were demoing the track, I sent her a message out of the blue asking if she would be interested. She showed up about an hour later and absolutely nailed it. I can’t imagine this song without her now. ”

Pre-orders are live now through Financial Ruin.