Nekrasov Announce New Album ‘Lust of Consciousness’ and Debut First Track

Nekrasov, the long-running black metal project executed entirely by mastermind Bob Nekrasov (also of Rebel Wizard), have announced Lust of Consciousness, their ninth full-length, for an April release on Prosthetic. To go along with the news, the one-man group has also unleashed the demoralizing new song “Letting go of all the supports.” The new offering showcases a rawer, more abrasive and negative side of Nekrasov than 2017’s The Mirror Void.

“A charlatan mystic recently declared ‘there is a game of madness and it was decided that you must keep playing’ but what happens when we let go of all the supports?” Nekrasov asks. “The supports will continue to enslave and madden. Let them go, for fuck’s sake. And if all you get from the piece is ‘there’s only one drum beat,’ kill yourself.”

Lust of Consciousness is out on April 12. Pre-order it here.