Track Premiere: Seax – ‘Bring Down the Beast’

US speed metal crusaders Seax charge into the tenth year of their existence with their fourth album, Fallout Rituals. The quartet continue to dial in their classic sound, assembling a 10-track collection of ragers that worship at the altar of speed and NWOBHM.

Take a song like “Bring Down the Beast,” streaming below, that combines the pace of Accept and Exciter with the inhumanly-high vocals of trad heavy metal.

“‘Bring Down The Beast’ is the audio equivalent of driving down the side of a mountain in a Volkswagen Rabbit on fire,” says Hessian guitarist/vocalist and Seax fan Angus McFarland. “Five-and-a-half minutes of unrelenting heavy metal mayhem.”

Fallout Rituals is out April 5 on Shadow Kingdom.