Track Premiere: Equipoise – ‘Dualis Flamel’

Equipoise have the most ridiculous tech-death lineup I’ve ever seen on their new full-length, Demiurgus. Seriously. The lineup includes current and former members of Hate Eternal, Inferi, Veil of Pnath, Chthe’ilist, Zealotry, Serocs, Wormhole, Beyond Creation, The Faceless and 10 other bands not mentioned due to space constraints. The seven-piece band are absolutely bonkers in their execution of tracks like “Dualis Flamel,” which utilizes multiple guitars, fretless bass, piano and more for a masterclass in extreme metal musicianship.

The riff salad is held together by the razor-sharp execution of the song and Equipoise’s knowledge of when to reign it in before it becomes too much to process.

Demiurgus is the culmination of three years of refinement packaged into 63 minutes of thoughtful compositions,” explains guitarist Nick Padovani. “The 14 tracks found within will take you through a journey inspired by the anime series Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood with lyrics masterfully crafted and executed by Stevie Boiser. The material on this album is a logical progression from the band’s debut release, Birthing Homunculi, further exploring the use of nylon guitars, fretless bass and symphonic elements. Every track was carefully crafted to maintain a cohesiveness that complements the sinister subject matter. Fans of such bands as Obscura, Necrophagist, Gorod and Beyond Creation should find themselves captivated by this effort, while fans of unconventional elements in metal will be just as pleased.”

If that sounds like a lot to take in, you’re right. It is. Check it out below.