Track Premiere: Ceremony of Silence – ‘Ceremony of a Thousand Stars’

Slovakian death metal duo Ceremony of Silence will unleash their debut, Oútis, this April. Throughout the record, Ceremony of Silence build dissonant songs that combine an unsettling atmosphere with technical, frenzied musicianship.

Take “Ceremony of a Thousand Stars” (no, I don’t know why there are so many ceremonies) as an example. The blast beats, low growls and rumbling low end bring plenty of intensity, but it takes on a more unique tone with the disharmonious lead guitar.

“The main lyrical concept behind Oútis deals with a mystical path of a man—a confrontation with his innermost self and his direct experience of the ultimate perennial wisdom, while releasing all his attachments to the mundane world,” drummer Svjatogor says. “Various stages of this path are concealed in a series of metaphorical visions that add another layer to the music itself.”

Oútis is out on April 5 via Willowtip.