Track Premiere: Aneurysm – ‘Sorry Dad’

After a slew of 7-inches, Boston noise rockers Aneurysm are ready to bust out their first proper album, Awareness. 10 tracks of high-energy, punked-out noise rock recorded at GodCity by Deafheaven bassist Chris Johnson, Awareness will certainly put Aneurysm on the map. And if the music alone isn’t enough to sell it, the band’s sardonic attitude on tracks like “Sorry Dad” might push it over the edge.

“’Sorry Dad’ is stream-of-consciousness rant about inane, trite, micro-conversations, written using hackneyed phrases and pop culture references and stolen lyrics,” vocalist Michael McGee tells Decibel. “I stole the opening line from Malcolm in the Middle. I also cribbed lyrics from the Beastie Boys just to see if anyone noticed.”

See what references you can catch by listening below. Awareness is out February 1 on Tor Johnson and Constant Disappointment.

Photo: Tyler Hallet