The Top 10 Comments on the Lords of Chaos Trailer

The official Lords of Chaos movie trailer dropped today—read our full review of the film here—and the internet did not disappoint with its comments. Because the only thing better than black metal is black metal fans reacting to Lords of Chaos, these are the 10 best comments we found on the trailer’s Youtube page.

10. “ready for varg’s new video on this”

I think you probably know what Varg wearing camo while talking at his phone camera inside of a truck looks like.

9. “Looks like Metallica music video ‘ManUNkind'”


Yeah, it does.

8. “Euronymous is not the good guy.”


This comment deserves a spot on here simply for sheer volume. More commenters pointed this out than anything else.

7. “Varg’s gonna be mad”

Varg is already mad.

6. “Is that Sting ?”

No, but Wikipedia lists pro wrestling as one of the main instances in which public figures wear face paint outside of black metal.

5. “Wtf I love varg now”

This is why no one takes black metal seriously.

4. “The most embarrasing Part about the trailer are the comments of people who take themselves to serious,  they are on the same Level like Varg and his Fanboys.”

I think Varg and His Fanboys is the name of the sequel.

3. “Is that home alones little brother?”

Why yes, Rory Culkin is the younger brother of Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.

2. “The director was the drummer in Bathory in the early 80s”

Thanks to Youtube commenter Tomas Ruzic for handling the unenviable task of telling twenty year olds that Jonas Åkerlund is more familiar with early black metal than they are.

1. “Will this movie be Krieg? Let’s find out!”

Only you can decide. Lords of Chaos is in theaters on February 8 and will be available via Video On Demand on February 22.