Track Premiere: Breaking Wheel – ‘Torment of Flesh’

The potent combination of death metal and hardcore has become popular in recent years, led by bands like Gatecreeper, Venom Prison and Genocide Pact. Beneath them is a slew of bands poised to make a similar ascension, bands like Fuming Mouth, Heavens Die and Breaking Wheel. Breaking Wheel formed in 2015 in Michigan, releasing a demo, split with Orthodox and EP, but it’s their upcoming full-length, Ceremonial Torture, that you need to take note of.

Don’t take my word for it; just listen to “Torment of Flesh,” the first track from Ceremonial Torture, to find out what you’re in for. “Torment of Flesh” resembles groovy death metal more than it does hardcore, but once you hit the three-minute mark, it’s impossible to stay still.

“‘Torment of Flesh’ is about the mental and physical suffering of the human race that comes from the hands of religious charlatans,” Breaking Wheel explain. “Also, our refusal to reduce our proclivity to believing in illusions which have only hindered the progress of civilization, and which will probably lead to the destruction of it.”

Check it out below. Ceremonial Torture will be available digitally through the band on February 7.