Track Premiere: Imha Tarikat – ‘III-III: Imha Tarikatı (Sect of Destruction)’

Black metal collective Imha Tarikat have crafted a specific, deliberate album with Kara Ihlas. The German/Turkish duo unleash fearsome, frenzied black metal that, in many ways, is like a storm: the songs on Kara Ihlas come blasting out at maximum speed and offer little respite until it’s over, when another song quickly fills the void.

The songs on Kara Ihlas are inspired by the Quran and a prayer for mercy for the dead, with the band explaining that the album’s goal is to inspire self-reflection and maturity in the listener.

Today, Decibel shares the album’s seventh track, titled “III-III: Imha Tarikatı (Sect of Destruction).” “Imha Tarikatı” begins with a blast of high-speed black metal that finds a solid groove interrupted by a blazing guitar solo.

“Imha Tarikat was founded under the premise of expressing emotions in their most intense and passionate form possible to us,” the duo state. “With determination so painful, fanaticism so heartbreaking and destruction so pure, ‘Imha Tarikatı’ is ascension through suffering—passion forever. This is our hymn.”

With that, listen below. Vendetta will release Kara Ihlas on January 18.