Track Premiere: Ravenous Death – ‘The Sinister Being’

Ravenous Death formed in 2016 while three members were recording another full length for their death metal band, Remains. According to the press sheet for Ravenous Death, while in Mexico City, during the recording of Remains’ Through the Eyes of Death, drummer Esteban Salcedo and guitarist/vocalist Miguel Ángel started flirting with the idea of creating a band that would sound like Vomitory, Torture Division, etc. You know, that irresistibly melodic and yet undeniably brutal quintessential early 90s Swedish death style. Lead guitarist Enrique Fray (Demonic Manifestation, etc.) was brought in to make this idea of forming a Vomitory-influenced band a reality.

In reference to a Vomitory song, the Guadalajaran outfit called themselves Ravenous Death, then released a five song demo back in 2017. That demo, Ominous Deathcult, caught the attention of Memento Mori, that veritable Spanish audio ossuary. And the rest, as they say, is gory and maligned history . . .

We caught up with Ravenous Death’s drummer Esteban Salcedo to learn more about the track “The Sinister Being” streaming below.

“I wanted to create a song with evil riffs and a couple of variations on the drums,” says Salcedo, who wrote the song. “Obviously the lyrics had to be according to the music. In fact, the entire album has a concept: it’s the story of a man who was marked by evil at birth. Therefore the songs have a sequence. At this point of the story, the man (nameless) has already embraced the darkness. He has already learned to live with his demons, he is already in the cult and he is ready to fully awake the sinister being that he has cultivated throughout his life. Through the story embodied in the lyrics, he is rejected by society because of that inherent evil that dominates him and all the scum that surrounds him. At first he began to kill for revenge, out of rage towards humanity, but the sinister being now does it for pleasure and to make offerings to his cult. Regarding the music, the ideas came out in a day of inspiration and little by little small arrangements were made. So if you want to hear more and know the whole story of this man, get the album!”

Ravenous Death – “The Sinister Being”

Get Chapters of an Evil Transition January 21st on Memento Mori.

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