Track Premiere: Vimur – ‘Seditious Apertures’

Photo: David Parham

USBM group Vimur have spent the better part of the last decade-and-a-half in the underground, perfecting their craft. After eight years of scrapped recordings and an extremely-limited demo, Vimur began again in earnest, releasing a demo, LP, live album and EP since 2014. Which brings us to today and “Seditious Apertures,” a song from their second full-length, Triumphant Master of Fates.

The quartet waste no time in going straight for the throat, blasting a torrent of cold, atmospheric black metal at the listener. The riffs are razor sharp, the drumming ferocious and the vocals intense but ethereal.

“‘Seditious Apertures’ is a call to illumination and spiritual energy,” says vocalist/guitarist/bandleader Vaedis Eosphorus. “The opening assault is savagery, channeled from the ethereal plane, to usurp monoliths built in sand. Calculated riffing invokes the perpetual tension in the cosmic battlefield. A new ascendance is at hand! Triumphant Master of Fates—totality is expressed through black metal! The album yearns towards the infinite and leaves the listener with intense feelings of glory and misery. Introspective gnosis invokes the entirety of emotion. Darkness and light are explored equally for their respective power. Nothing and everything is sacred.”

Triumphant Master of Fates is out March 1 on Boris Records.