Full EP Stream: Deathkings – “Ex Nihilo”

Hot off of a show with Ghoul and Gost as part of the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles Afterparty, Los Angeles sludge trio Deathkings have shared their new EP, Ex Nihilo. A masterclass in slow, miserable sludge, Ex Nihilo shares musical DNA with genre stalwarts like Grief, Dystopia and even Crowbar, with flashes of brightness quickly squashed in favor of abrasive heaviness. Vocally, Nicolas Rocha switches between a growl, a scream that sounds as if it is consuming his soul and a throaty half-singing voice, which he employs on the more melodic second track, “Celestial Birds.”

“We are incredibly humbled to present our two newest musical offerings! We hope listeners can enjoy the love and anger that we put into Ex Nihilo and know that this is but a harbinger of what is to come!” the band told Decibel in a prepared statement.

Stream Ex Nihilo below and find more Deathkings on Bandcamp.