Full EP Stream: Faceless Burial – “Multiversal Abattoir”

Australian death metal abomination Faceless Burial have dug up a four-track (five if you count the intro) slab of filthy death metal on their Multiversal Abattoir EP. The follow-up to last year’s Grotesque Miscreation full-length, Faceless Burial continue to traffic in swampy, cavernous death metal; riffs don’t feel sharp and clean, but rather like primitive, blunt objects to the head. The vocals sound as if they were recorded in a cave and dark melodies and leads flesh out the claustrophobic death.

Add in flashy, dive bomb-happy guitar solos and thick, suffocating production and there are five tracks on Multiversal Abattoir that you need to hear. Stream it in full below and purchase through Blood Harvest.