Full Album Stream: Tuskar – “The Tide, Beneath, The Wall”

The Tide, Beneath, The Wall is the latest release from UK sludge duo Tuskar, so named because, well, “The Tide,” “Beneath” and “The Wall” are the three songs you’re going to encounter on said release. The three songs on The Tide, Beneath, The Wall run about 20 minutes, which ends up being an ideal amount of time for the EP. It doesn’t feel unfinished, but Tuskar don’t drag it out either; they just play what they need to play.

Tuskar also keep it diverse; there are long, slooooow riffs. There are scrappy, faster riffs. There are slow parts so drowned in effects that the listener could believe they opened up a portal into psychedelic heaven. For being relative newcomers to the game—Tuskar formed in 2016—The Tide, Beneath, The Wall is a big step forward for the band, who are one to watch.

Riff Rock Records will release Tuskar’s new album on December 7.