Full Album Stream: Thulsa Doom – “Realms of Hatred”

This six track demo tape from Thulsa Doom is one of the strongest debuts you could ever hope to hear. Equal parts muscle, speed and sadistic malice, and yet the best part about Thulsa Doom’s debut Realms of Hatred—besides the mace-heavy riffs swung around with superhuman dexterity, the war ensemble vocal attack, the heart-seizing solos—and yet the best part may have to be the production. Hearkening back to the genre’s birth, but only in body, spirit and style. The sound here isn’t so much modern as it is timeless.

Realms of Hatred

Thulsa Doom are a trio comprised of Alessandro ”V.K. Nail,” on guitar and vocals, Filippo “F. Phantomlord,” on guitars and bass, and Lorenzo “B.G.Triumph” on the drums. According to V.K. Nail, a bass player will soon be entering the fold.

“We have never played together until now but all of us have played in other bands,” says V.K. Nail. You may recognize B.G.Triumph’s drumming from his other band, Demonomancy.  V.K.Nail also plays in Vultures Vengeance and Necromancer, while F.Phantomlord is also involved in Lurking Terror.

“We’ve known each other since 2008/2009,” say V.K. Nail. “We’ve shared drinks, trips, metal tastes and lot of time together before this project. Thulsa Doom is a creature born in late 2017 when each one of us was quitting our previous project and decided to play what we like most: extreme metal according to his 80/90’s incarnation. Due to our musical affinity it all came together easily and after a few months of rehearsals we were ready to record our first demo. We are completely obsessed by bands like Morbid Angel, Dark Angel, Sepultura, Possessed, Sodom, Sacrifice, Sadistic Intent, Infernal Majesty, etc… Death Metal is our true and mystic meaning of life and its pure dedication to our own dark side!”

According to V.K. Nails, Realms of Hatred was “recorded it at The Devil’s Mark Studio in Rome, our hometown in the early 2018. A huge thank goes to Marco “T.U. Sherperd” for the amazing job he’s done in recording and mixing our demo.”

As for that amazing and evocative old school artwork, V.K. Nails says that came about as “the result of a collaboration between the band and our friend Samuele Gore, a really talented artist creator of many macabre and bizarre illustrations. The inspiration for the subject, as the name of the band, pays tribute to the dark fantasy literature and illustrations which our music is strongly influenced by.”

Realms of Hatred is out today on cassette tape and digital format from the mighty Invictus Productions.

Meanwhile, according to V.K. Nails, “Thulsa Doom are currently rehearsing for future gigs and composing new tracks of pure evil noise for a future release! We are planning a new recording session in the first half of 2019.

“Thank you Dutch and Decibel Mag for the interview and for the Demo Premiere! Support the death metal underground! RIDE FAST. RIDE TO DEATH!”

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