Track Premiere: Ayyur – ‘He Who Dwells in the Trenches’

Tunisian black metal entity Ayyur have emerged from a nine-year period of silence with a dense, haunting EP called The Lunatic Creature. Conceived far from the reach of more popular black metal scenes and communities, Ayyur’s music is thick and devoid of light, delivering slow-to-mid-tempo atmospheric black metal that uses eerie melodies to cut through the wall of sound.

The first offering from that EP, “He Who Dwells in the Trenches,” is not a happy or exhilarating song. The unsettling melodies and ominous vocals heard among the all-consuming black metal inspire thoughts of mysticism and darkness, further enhanced by the appearance of the robed, masked musicians behind the music.

Sentient Ruin and Vendetta Records will release The Lunatic Creature in the US and Europe, respectively,