Full Album Stream: 1914 – “The Blind Leading the Blind”

Other than gore and perhaps Lovecraftian themes, war is one of extreme metal’s most consistent topics and with good reason. What’s more extreme than following Bolt Thrower’s example? Not much. 1914, as you may have guessed by now, write about war. Specifically, 1914 write about World War I, their name coming from the year the war began. Their album The Blind Leading the Blind is out this Sunday on Redefining Darkness, and it’s the second doomiest album about WWI to come out this weekend.

1914’s music is a caustic blend of doom, black metal and old-school death metal. Bolt Thrower’s David Ingram even appears to guest on the song “Passchenhell,” one of the strongest tracks on the album. The variety of influences on The Blind Leading the Blind keep the record interesting: massive death/doom sections giving way to black metal or straight-up OSDM isn’t uncommon here and given that most of the tracks on The Blind Leading the Blind are over five minutes (and most longer), it’s welcome.

History buffs have a lot to chew on too. 1914 zero in on specific battles and acts, as well as the emotions and repercussions that came with it. Combined with the music, 1914 create a powerful atmosphere solidified by tight songwriting. Have a listen below.

The Blind Leading the Blind is available for purchase from Redefining Darkness in North America and Archaic Sound elsewhere.