Cradle of Filth Fan Detained Following Harassment of Dani Filth’s Wife

A man has been placed in a psychiatric hospital following the June harassment of Toni Davey, the wife of Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth, at their home in Ipswitch, Suffolk, England, according to a report by BBC News. Lucifer Lovecraft (gonna go out on a limb and guess that wasn’t his name at birth) was arrested and originally charged with harassment, to which he plead guilty but the plea was later withdrawn after psychiatric reports said he was unfit to stand trial.

According to the report, Davey said that Lovecraft shouted at her from outside the house, appeared in their front and back gardens and had Davey’s daughter’s name tattooed on his arm. Lovecraft also told police that he was Davey’s husband when he was arrested. Lovecraft had been facing other charges in unrelated incidents, but they were also dropped due to his mental stability.

Cradle of Filth’s most recent album, Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay, was released last year on Nuclear Blast.