Track Premiere: Glacial Tomb – ‘Drowned’

Photo: Alvino Salcedo

When Decibel premiered Glacial Tomb‘s cover of the Aus-Rotten classic “Fuck Nazi Sympathy,” Dutch Pearce wrote that “Glacial Tomb are one of the darkest, heaviest forces to come from the US in recent years.” The rising sludge trio–featuring Khemmis’ Ben Hutcherson on guitar and vocals—will follow up their demo with their first full-length, which will see release at the end of this month via Gilead Media.

Today, Decibel is stoked to premiere “Drowned,” another taste from their new album. Starting out with haunting melodies, “Drowned” transitions into a hefty, corrosive sludge track that drags the listener through a blackened, dissonant sonic landscape. To amplify the heaviness and anger behind the song, Glacial Tomb recruited Skinless vocalist Sherwood Webber for the song.

“We all dream of a world filled with light, a life filled with promise and warmth,” Hutcherson tells Decibel. “This is not that world. ‘Drowned’ is the story of one woman surviving unimaginable horrors and seeking vengeance upon the abuser who took everything from her. We all love a good revenge story, right?

“We knew we wanted the bridge of the song to be as unsettling and ferocious as possible, so we called in our good friend Sherwood Webber (of brutal death metal legends Skinless). His layered gutturals and shrieks perfectly convey the horror in the realization that each of us will one day have—we all drown alone.”