Track Premiere: Morbid Messiah – ‘Crawling in Guts’

Morbid Messiah are a four piece death metal band from Guadalajara. Formed in 2015, the band released their debut EP/demo a year later. Dubbed In the Name of True Death Metal, and truly earning it, Morbid Messiah’s demo is a resurrection of the arcane ways of ripping and punishing death in seven tracks. Soon after its release, the death dealers found themselves on the radar of both Spanish powerhouse Memento Mori and the German death distributors Unholy Prophecies. 

Now, almost two years to the day since releasing their demo, Morbid Messiah are set to rip the roof off Hell with their debut album Demoniac Paroxysm. At nine tracks, Demoniac Paroxysm is the perfect death metal banger, replete with infectious riffs that hunt you down through the mephitic atmosphere of the fetid underground from which these abominations were spawned. And to prove to you that we’re dealing with something legitimately nasty and totally undiluted, we’ve locked down an exclusive premiere of “Crawling in Guts,” the sixth track from Demoniac Paroxysm.

Quote the band: “Since the beginning, [“Crawling in Guts”] was thought to be one of our fastest ones. One of our main standards is to never forget the fast tempos and the ‘mosh pit starter’ songs, and this one perfectly shows that. Most parts of it maintain a constant speed [with a] thrash beat base, transmitting a violent and frenetic vibe. At the end, we switch to a groovier beat that allows [us] to assimilate that essential ‘heavy rock and roll’ style. That’s finally the band’s point: to be dark, aggressive and primitive.

“About the lyrics, they tell about a dead being experiencing the torments of hell, beyond the living world’s pain and pleasure limits, and driven by a primal survival instinct on its way; crawling in its own and others’ (humans, demons and other creatures included) guts. As the song progresses, the main character starts to lose the mundane kind of consciousness and increase the ‘beyond’s’ kind. And of course it’s all described in a vile and disgusting way, accordingly to all of its elements. It’s the song that better fits the album’s cover and title: a demoniac fucking paroxysm. Nothing more and nothing less.”

“Crawling in Guts”

Get Demoniac Paroxysm October 22nd from Memento Mori.

Coming on vinyl later this year from Unholy Prophecies.