Blast Worship: Recalcitrant

Where they from? Lawndale, California which sounds like a made-up town from a 1980’s horror flick, but Wikipedia assures me it does in fact exist. Russell Westbrook and Roy Rogers are supposedly from there!

What do they sound like? I talk a lot on here about the whole “Oakland Grindcore Sound” and to me this band really is the pinnacle of that movement. A very healthy mix of crust, precision and just a hint of gore to make music that is consistently fucking heavy as fuck.

Why the hype? Every year around this time I think to myself “Oh shit! I got two months to make my year end ‘Best Of’ list!” and I invariably do my best to catch up on all things grind from the past 10 or so months. And folks, let me tell ya something, there is a whole bunch of really bad shit out there. Like, really bad. But for the last five or so years, I will inevitably come across either an EP or split that this band put out and it will reaffirm my faith in this whole entire stupid subgenre.

I’m not gonna sit here and and act like these guys break any new ground or shatter molds, they are just a god damn good grindcore band that does enough in small enough chunks for me to constantly have them in rotation. I am especially fond of the vocals which combine equal amounts of heft and scrape to make the band’s output just a bit more brutal than most of their East Bay brethren.

Latest Release: A split with Convulsions which is essentially a sonic continuation of last year’s Cancerous Beings EP which was one of my favorite records of 2017.

Favorite Song: “Blood Pisser” off of the aforementioned EP. This song just best exemplifies the grotesque malevolence that they do best with just a hint of oompa gore silliness.