Track Premiere: Graven – ‘A Failed Mask’

Baltimore sludge/thrash/hardcore crazies Swarm of the Lotus dissolved in 2010, with three of its members moving forward to form new band Graven. They released an EP in 2012 and a split in 2014 before going on hiatus; now, they’ve returned for new EP Heirs of Discord with new bassist Teddy Patterson (Burnt By The Sun, Human Remains, Gridlink) in the lineup.

Today, Decibel is able to share new song “A Failed Mask,” a track that fuses sludge, grind, hardcore and hints of death metal in punishing, unhinged fashion. Guitarist/vocalist Peter Maturi delivers angular riffs that are matched with a relentless rhythm section and main vocalist Jason Borowy’s shrieks and growls.

“I love the high energy this song comes in with right away and maintains all the way through,” Maturi says. “Kinda like a wrecking ball, hits hard and fast and over just as quick. Reminds me of some of the early Swarm material, mixed with an underlying punk ethos and sounding like it could go completely off the rails at any moment. I think we captured an out of control, raw, live feel on this one. And I think Jay’s vocals send it completely over the top. Stoked to finally unleash the beast with this first track!”

“A Failed Mask is a glimpse inside self-deception and the quiet struggle of addiction,” Borowy adds of the lyrical content. “The ability to manipulate and raw hatred of an ailing existence.”

Heirs of Discord is out on November 2; pre-orders can be purchased here.