Full Album Stream: The Necromancers – “Of Blood and Wine”

French quartet The Necromancers have a sound rooted in a combination of NWOBHM, doom, heavy psych and even progressive rock, which lends them a welcoming and familiar—but not stale—tone to their music. On their second album, Of Blood and Wine, The Necromancers summon thunderous doom (“Lust”), heavy metal gallops (“Erzebeth,” “Secular Lord”) and spacey, doomy psychedelia (“The Gathering”), trading some of the heaviness of debut album Servants of the Salem Girl for an overall more diverse album.

That’s not to say that The Necromancers have gone soft; they just give their other influences an opportunity to shine. You can hear Of Blood and Wine for yourself below; it is officially released via Ripple Music on October 5.