Deadpressure: Fun For the Whole Angry Family

There’s a certain class of crusty hardcore that has a very broad appeal, one that spans metal, hardcore, punk and grind to make us all feel like one angry family! San Jose’s Deadpressure is one of those bands. Citing His Hero is Gone, Capitalist Casualties and Spazz as influences, the band formed in 2012 and has carved a noisy and explosive path to dark hardcore glory ever since.

Their new, self-titled album comes out on Halloween this year via Carbonized records. So far, the band has released the song “Assailant’s Curse,” which has a crushing and oppositional feel to it, along with vocals that could very well fit in a black metal context. The concoction of influences makes for a satisfyingly furious sound on this track. Clocking in at only a minute and 18 seconds, it’s definitely whet my appetite for more of the same! You can pre-order the album here, and check out “Assailant’s Curse” below: