Track Premiere: Thoren – ‘Tyranny’

Throw Gorguts in a blender with Ulcerate, Replicant and Pyrrhon. Add a dash of Imperial Triumphant’s black metal craziness. Now you have an idea of what to expect when you hear “Tyranny,” a new song from instrumental genre-fuckers Thoren. 

Based in Detroit, Thoren specialize in the brand of death metal that embraces dissonance and it employs it like a weapon, stringing echoing notes into a dense and all-consuming wall of sound. Ringing notes bleed into each other, punctuated by a thunderous rhythm section. Drum duties on the album were split between Alex Cohen (ex-Pyrrhon, Malignancy live) and Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant, Secret Chiefs 3), with Grohowski performing on “Tyranny.”

“One day, a somewhat frantic (Alex) Cohen called me about a session he had booked with Anthony Lipari (guitar),” the drummer tells Decibel. “He thought the music was thoroughly outrageous and wanted to know if I would be willing to learn some songs. I had agreed, seeing as it was just music after all and the time was available. Then he played the stuff. Alex’s mood was immediately understood. What ensued was something that perhaps came out far more nuanced than expected. Really hope folks dig what’s happening and looking forward to making music with these folks again soon.”

What was recorded will be releasing in a two-part series of albums called GwarthGwarth I will be released on November 9; Gwarth II will be released in 2019. Hear “Tyranny” below and pre-order the first installment.