Full EP Stream: Nott – “Vestigium Mortis”

Nott mastermind H. Archvile has been a productive creator since the early 2010s. In addition to releasing three Nott albums since 2013, he’s contributed instrumentals to Italian black metal duo Nebrus’ various output. With Nott, Archvile has a clear vision of black metal in mind, one that retreads familiar ground with the comfort of an experienced traveler.

On new EP Vestigium Mortis, Nott revisit songs written in the early 2000s that never made the cut for release. Archvile’s vocals are raw and filthy, standing in contrast to the smooth, cold guitar melodies. Songs like “Profaner” are where Nott perform the best; the abrasive vocals mix with the shimmering melodies and you can practically feel the chill of Scandinavian winter.

Check out Vestigium Mortis for yourself below; Obscvrvs Records will release the EP on September 15.