Watch: Antigama – ‘Division of Lonely Crows’

Polish grinders Antigama have dropped a pretty awesome new, sci-fi video for their song “Divison of Lonely Crows,” a cut from their latest EP, Depressant, which came out in 2017. The production value is absurdly high for a grindcore video, telling the story of a man who finds himself in an all-white room where a nurse gives him a black pill. Without spoiling the video, our protagonist is a victim to mad science.

“I’ve been a big fan of Antigama’s for a while now,” video director David Sherbook tells Decibel. “I think their music evokes really unique imagery and emotions, and their affinity for Sci-Fi themes is right up my alley, so it was an honor to make the video. I wanted to make something that visually embodies those qualities and leaves the viewer with a sense of dread and unease, while also getting to play around with some really off-the-wall ideas. It was a blast to make and I hope it resonates with the fans as much as it does with me.”

“I am totally blown away by the work of David & crew,” guitarist Sebastian Rokicki adds. “It is completely different from what I’ve expected and from what I’ve known as a big movie fan I am. I hope I won’t be alone in my opinion because the music and the pictures make a perfect match and leave you with unanswered questions, the true essence of life.”

Watch the new video below and remember: don’t take the black pill!

Depressant is out now through Selfmadegod.