Track Premiere: Lucifericon – ‘Zsin-Niaq-Sa’

Although they formed nine years ago, the Netherlands-based death metal quartet Lucifericon will finally release their debut album, Al-Khem-Me, on October 5th through Invictus Productions. The band established their ominously trenchant and uniquely atmospheric sound over the past eight years with two EPs, 2012’s The Occult Waters and 2016’s Brimstone Altar

Building from those two EPs, Lucifericon are poised to unleash eight tracks of malevolent and mind-bending death metal upon the eager masses. Yet even those who are familiar with the band’s previous releases should find this work unexpectedly devastating. We are pleased, then, to bring you this exclusive track premiere from Lucifericon’s debut album.


Get Al-Khem-Me October 5th from Invictus Productions.