Track Premiere: Avast – ‘Mother Culture’

Mother Culture is the apocalyptic tale about the rise and fall of human civilization and how we have exploited the Earth’s resources to such a degree that we are now standing on the brink of our own extinction. Musically the record borrows equally from the black metal and post-rock genres, and lyrically it draws inspiration from Daniel Quinn’s philosophical novel Ishmael.”

That’s guitarist Trond Salte speaking about Avast‘s Mother Culture, their new album. The bleak subject matter is met by equally dark music, which stretches itself into a dreamlike state driven by the topic’s atmosphere and heavy post-rock influence. Avast’s band of blackgaze present on songs like “Mother Culture” is expressive and melodic, even hopeful at times, but the brightness is still overshadowed by the darker black metal.

Hear “Mother Culture” for yourself below. Dark Essence will release the full album on October 26.

Photo: Katharina Ueland