Track Premiere: Atrament – ‘Odium’

D-beat metal punks Atrament are somewhat of a “supergroup.” Counting in their ranks current and former members of Abstracter, Mortuous, Necrot, Vastum, Vale and Moral Void, the members of Atrament are no strangers to dark or uncomfortable music and their new album, Scum Sect, is just the latest vehicle for that black misery.

Scum Sect is ferocious punk, fueled by death, and crashing straight into the depths of Hell,” the band told Decibel of their new album. “Atrament’s music is about rejecting humanity in its every aspect and embracing instead all the vermin, diseases, plagues and calamities which opposite it.”

That description is pretty apt. New song “Odium” shows exactly those qualities, by adding potent strains of death and black metal into an already filthy pot of D-beat, crust and anarcho-punk. Try it out below:

Scum Sect is a joint release between Sentient Ruin, Caligari Records and Blood Harvest.