Video Premiere: Hitman’s “Curtain Call” Drinks ’em All

Photo: Emily Wilkins

Considering it’s an 18-hour non-stop drive from my place of residence, that I’ve spent as much time in Halifax as I have is pretty impressive. Having bum rushed the city limits as tourist, performer, spectator and hack over the years, I have a fondness for the jewel of the Maritime, especially the good times had on stage and in the crowd at legendary local venue, The Pavilion.

Given that groovy stoner rockers, Hitman hail from “Haligonia” and have existed in one form or another since 2011, it’s unfathomable to think the quartet hasn’t graced the Pavilion’s stage at some point. However, what they’d rather impart upon you is their love for adult beverages. Given Decibel’s and Hitman’s mutual love of suds (rumour has it there’s a festival we’re throwing out west in a few months that’s all about metal and beer; get your tickets here) and the various permutations of metal spawned from the roots of the family tree planted by Black Sabbath, the ol’ liver pounders should get along well ‘round these parts.

“We’re a stoner band who drinks too much and loves to party. So, the roots of sludgy stoner rock are there, but the booze fuels some more up-tempo songs. Basically, we just want fans to enjoy the music and live shows as much as we enjoy making the tunes and performing,” quips vocalist Jordan Rose in their newest bio.

The band has a new EP set for release on September 14th entitled The Offering: Side 1, with the second part – which we’re going out on a limb and guessing will be called The Offering: Side 2 – set for early next year. To celebrate the raging four-song collection, we present the recently shot video for lead-off single, “Curtain Call.” Says the band: “We are extremely excited to premiere this music video. It’s our first one and we had a lot of fun filming it. The video is set at our jam spot where we threw a huge kegger. This is more so just a glimpse into our weekend lives. We’re a stoner metal band that enjoys a good party. This new EP is for people who like to hear some groovy riffs. This is literally our musical offering to you.”

It must be said that any band sporting hamburger shirts, tandem Gibson SG’s and have no qualms about including bearded butt cheeks in a video is fine by us.