Video Premiere: Stern – ‘Missive: Sister Ships’

Having three current and former members of Kayo Dot in your band is a pretty good indicator that it’s going to be weird or, at the very least, off-kilter. That is absolutely true of Stern, the Brooklyn-based group featuring Toby Driver, Keith Abrams and Tim Byrnes plus frontman Chuck Stern. Stern’s brand of “pop” is eerie and dissonant, each note seeming to melt into the ether as it’s played.

That’s true of all their music, but especially new song “Missive: Sister Ships.” It comes accompanied by a vibrant, shifting visualizer that turns the song from a dreamy, dark pop song to a colorful acid trip with haunting undertones. The fragments of pop that remain are unique and should appeal to fans of industrial, ambient and metal that is a little “out there.”

“Missive: Sister Ships” is streaming below to watch and listen to.

Stern’s full-length, also titled Missive: Sister Ships, is coming on August 24 via Sleeping Giant Glossolalia.