Track Premiere: Born to Murder the World – ‘Brutality Alchemist’

Napalm Death mainstay Shane Embury’s has never been one for sitting still, maintaining a steady stream of non-Napalm Death bands at any given time (Lock Up, Brujeria, Venomous Concept). Today, Decibel has the pleasure of bringing you the first offering from his latest band, Born to Murder the World. Embury’s in good company, playing alongside Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh, Mistress) and vocalist Duncan Wilkins (Fukpig, Mistress).

The end result is one of the most blistering, destructive records in recent memory. Combining pieces of furious grindcore and death metal, new song “Brutality Alchemist” provides an idea of what to expect when debut album The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism drops on August 24. The Infinite Mirror also marks the launch of Embury’s Extrinsic Recordings label.

“Born to Murder the world is a project that myself and Mick Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh have had recorded for some time now,” Embury tells Decibel. “We have been friends for decades and when two likeminded maniacs get together to record a project, something nasty is bound to happen. I suppose we just needed a good excuse for the record to be unleashed. To me, it was the perfect opportunity with the start of my label Extrinsic Recordings to just do that. The track ‘Brutality Alchemist’ was the first track we came up with together and is a good mixture of the what the album is all about—it seems the ideal track to introduce the album with.

“As anyone who follows me or my bands would know, I love all forms of music and love making projects and collaborations to the point I guess I am a bit obsessive about it all, and for some time now I have wanted to get into recording and composing atmospheric albums/soundtrack-type recordings and, well, whatever weird and wacky ideas that come to mind. I have a long list of stuff I want to achieve personally and Extrinsic Recordings is a way for me to do that. I’m very excited about it all and hope to make some interesting albums over the next few years… Stay tuned!”

Pre-orders for The Infinite Mirror of Millennial Narcissism are available through Extrinsic