Video Premiere: Coilguns – ‘Self Employment Scheme’

Swiss group Coilguns unleashed an incendiary mixture of noise rock and blackened hardcore in March when they released Millennials. The dissonant, noisy riffing, wall of sound and tense vocals create a feeling of tension, like the music will explode at any moment.

Their new video for “Self Employment Plan” adds a stop-motion visual component to the madness, the jumpy nature of the video mirroring that of the music.

“We have been working with Noé Cauderay for the entire visual realm of this record,” Coilguns explain. “He’s evolving far away from any established art network, always purposely focusing on things that have practically no market value, like posters, street walls paintings, small DIY books, short-lived installations, etc. This guy is a total workaholic and needs his daily fix of creativity and was very fast at producing anything we wanted; not only did he create that crazy knives artwork, but also a 300+ collection of handmade lyrics posters and 4 stop motion animated videos.”

Watch the video for “Self Employment Plan” below. Millennials is out now through Hummus Records.