Track Premiere: Mutilate – ‘Sadistic Butchery’

You’ll remember Mutilate from when we featured them on a Demo:listen back in January. Fortunately, the Ithaca-based quartet are still pounding out the ultra old school death worship. But what’s so interesting about Mutilate isn’t just they’re copping an outdated sound. But even their music—especially these ten tracks that make up their Iron Bonehead debut Tormentium—isn’t tombstone-broken-over-your-cranium brutal, nor is it eviscerated-by-scorching-blasts fast. Instead, Mutilate’s brand of primitive proto-death metal rolls like some old school machine created by guys who’d never heard anything heavier than Hellhammer or Master. Yet Tormentium is still somehow one of the most powerful records you’ll hear today, truly potent with rotten death—not to mention, catchy!  

To demonstrate, we’ve locked down an exclusive premiere of “Sadistic Butchery,” the penultimate track from Mutilate’s debut album.

Says the band: “Mutilate offer a simplistic, raw brutality like the days of yore. It’s Death metal made for headbanging. Down-tuned, double kick mania made by obvious fans of the likes of Bolt Thrower, Master, Epitaph, Grave, Pestilence, Benediction, or Tiamat. Don’t come here expecting complete time signatures or orchestral compositions; Mutilate puts the Death back into Death Metal.”

Get Tormentium June 29th on CD and vinyl formats from Iron Bonehead.