Track Premiere: Accursed Spawn – ‘Bhopal ’84’

Canadian death metal machine Accursed Spawn are snapping necks with their fast-paced, groove-heavy take on the genre, as you’ll hear on “Bhopal ’84.” Leading with angular riffs before settling into a whiplash-inducing groove, Accursed Spawn inject brief bursts of technicality throughout the song, keeping it engaging throughout the four minutes.

“No clean intros here!” Accursed Spawn tell Decibel. “Bhopal is a high-energy track that comes bursting out the gate right. Lyrically this song deals with what is considered to be the greatest industrial disaster in human history. In December 1984, the UCIL factory of Bhopal, India, failed to properly dispose of tens of thousands of Deadly Methyl Isocyanate, leading to the injury and subsequent death of thousands of innocent civilians. Subsequent corporate attempts to cover up the incident proved unsuccessful.”

Accursed Spawn will release an album via PRC Music in 2019.