For Those About to Squawk: Evil Hunter, Skeletal Remains, Wrong

This is my favorite time of year… cold or allergies. This month of upcoming releases seems, well, bad. I guess we should just get into it.

Alright, I’m first going to start off with Evil Hunter. If you call your band Evil Hunter, you should be good. Well, the Evil Hunter is not good. In fact, it kind of blows. I’m not really sure who this is appealing or trying to appeal too, but…this is trad metal, and not in a good way. This thing plods along, and while it seems effortless, there is no life here and just comes across as a snooze fest. There are elements of power metal and a little groove metal (yuck) and, of course, a ballad. There are times where the vocals hit Halford or Dirckschnieder like notes, and that’s kind of cool. Ex-members of bands that no one has ever heard of does not mean you can rock it, and I’m sorry to say Evil Hunter does not…

2 Fucking Pecks

Now, we’re talking, want some old school death thrash? Skeletal Remains is releasing Devouring Mortality on Dark Descent. So, what’s this about? This is OSDM with a healthy dose of thrash thrown in, without sounding like a total ripoff.  This is mean, double-kicked death metal that moves and shifts, not just straightforward jabronism. This reminds me of old school Pestilence and is very of that 90’s death/thrash ilk. Definitely not breaking any new ground, but the fact that they don’t sound like a complete clone is pretty refreshing to this birdbrain.  

7 Fucking Pecks

Wrong, that’s right, mother peckers… Feel Great is their second release on Relapse and it’s pretty beaking ripping… This is noise rock in its purest form.  Think a sloppier, nastier Unsane and you can kind of get the idea here. Buzzsaw guitars, pounding ass drum and bass and distorted shouted vocals. This is groovy, nasty, gritty and melodic all at the same time. Kick ass!

7 Fucking Pecks

Word up fools… until next time, Waldo Out!