Track Premiere: Boss Keloid – ‘Peykruve’


Boss Keloid play a sludgy brand of heavy music that fluctuates from doom to heavy rock, a balance the band strike effortlessly. On new single “Peykruve,” Boss Keloid demonstrate exactly what makes them so unique: uplifting keyboards, a singer who can really sing and the ability to craft a seven-minute song without overstaying their welcome.

“Pekyruve carries a lot of emotional weight behind it for us,” Boss Keloid candidly tell Decibel “The song and lyrics are dedicated to the late Leon Murphy. He was a lovely guy, friend and fellow local musician. He was a young guy who struggled for a long, long time with a brain tumor but dealt with his illness in a truly inspirational manner and kept on living his life and playing his music. The words he spoke to Alex one time, ‘positive thinking is the only medication that you need,’ are the lyrics in Peykruve. He sadly passed away last year when his illness eventually took over. Dynamically and lyrically, this song is one of the most powerful that we’ve written and even contains the lesser spotted Keloid solo courtesy of Alexander John Leslie Hurst.”

Their new album, Melted on the Inch, is available on Holy Roar by way of Deathwish in the United States on April 27.