Track Premiere: Besvärjelsen – ‘I Skuggan Av Ditt Mörker’

Besvärjelsen are very skilled at opening up windows to lush, psychedelic soundscapes as they plod through their psyched-out brand of doom metal. On “I Skuggan Av Ditt Mörker,” vibrant guitars that shimmer instead of crunching lead the way while lead singer Lea Amling Alazam adds another layer with her powerful vocals.

“It was one of those songs that went through a lot of transformations,” the band tell Decibel. “Originally, it was meant to be a doomy kind of straightforward song that actually started with the chorus riff. The parts of the song sounded good by themselves but lacked a natural flow and were perhaps a bit too straightforward. So we played around with the beat a bit to make it less robotic and we were also trying hard to work out were the vocals were supposed to be, it just didn’t fit. Later on, I recorded it in the rehearsal space on my phone and took it home and started chopping it up and putting the pieces together in different ways. So after finding a combination that sounded cool, I took it back and we tried it more or less the way it is now. Suddenly the vocals fell in to place on the original intro riff which became the chorus and we had a song.”

For all their lush textures, Besvärjelsen are still firmly rooted in doom and stoner metal, from the Black Sabbath-esque logo the rumbling guitar and bass that keep the band moving forward. Over the course of their new album, Vallmo, Besvärjelsen return to their doom roots regularly, never becoming lost in psychedelia or exploration.

Gorge yourself on “I Skuggan Av Ditt Mörker” now and pre-order Vallmo for a 3/27 release on Suicide Records.