Track Premiere: Our Place of Worship is Silence – ‘The Blind Chimera and Its Death’

“The Blind Chimera and Its Death,” the new single from Los Angeles black/death cult Our Place of Worship is Silence, is a masterclass in dissonant, cavernous death metal. Serpentine riffs that could have been yanked from Incantation’s worst nightmares and echoing vocals as a bell tolls beneath it all.

The nightmarish black/death sound is partnered with artwork from Leviathan’s Wrest.

“After the fall of the powers that be, there will be a successor shielded by a hideous farce,” Our Place of Worship elaborate of the song. “Once the despot collides with the perilous blackness of opposition, it will become obsessed with its own demise. This is the analysis of its formation and ultimate dismantling. Sonically, ‘Blind Chimera and its Death’ shows the difference between us and our contemporaries. Separation and ferocity through originality are the sacraments of Our Place of Worship is Silence.”

Listen to the new song now, and pre-order With Inexorable Suffering via Translation Loss.