Track Premiere: Supreme Carnage – ‘The Fire Prevails’

German old school death dealers Supreme Carnage have studied the work of those who came before them to great effect. Razor sharp riffs and tremolo-picked guitar leads are at the front of the charge  on new song “The Fire Prevails,” supported by a tight rhythm section and vocal performance that combines guttural roars with powerful higher screams.

It’s clear immediately that Supreme Carnage have honed their sound through their previous releases, dialing in a sharp, groovy sound for their forthcoming LP, Morbid Ways to Die, which is slated for a June 2018 release via Redefining Darkness and Raw Skulls.

“The song is about a massacre and plundering of a town during the Thirty Years’ War,” Supreme Carnage tell Decibel. “Despite such cruelties and the present knowledge, a lot of people today still seem to remain incapable of learning from the past…”