Track Premiere: Greber Flattens Everything in Sight with “Backhanded Interest”

It’s funny to think that some of the most painful and gullet wrenching musical noise we hear often gets created by some of the nicest dudes you’d ever want to meet. Such is the case with Cambridge, Ontario’s Greber. The colossally crushing duo of Marc Bourgon (bass/vocals, ex-Fuck the Facts) and Steve Vargas (drums/vocals, the Great Sabatini) may sound like they’re necking quarts of battery acid while tugging on the reins on a pack of coke-ed up Clydesdales as they maneuver head on into California wildfire country – and they DO have the wall of amplification to get that job done – but they’re also the fellers I regret not inviting over to sip eggnog and sit by the Yule log last month.

That’s ok, there’s always next year. That’s assuming the sonic punishment Greber lays down with their third album, Cemetery Preston doesn’t do the job that Mother Nature is taking her sweet time doing and destroy us all after its February 2nd release. Today, we present the album’s lead-off track, “Backhanded Interest” for your aural perusal. It’s a no-face-unpunched collision of pressure cooked lactic acid low end tone and pounding at the inside of the coffin lid drumming with just enough feedback/noise to break up the gang hanging out in the doughnut shop parking lot. Here’s what Vargas had to say about the song:

“‘Backhanded Interest’ is a great showcase of themes we touch on both lyrically and musically throughout the album. We’re always working with the dynamics of just bass and drums and this song is as crushing as it is just a great song in my opinion. Marc’s riffs rule and it’s always so much fun to get creative with my drum approach. When we sat down to figure out the first ‘single,’ it was an easy choice to choose this one.”

As mentioned, Cemetery Preston will be available February 2nd courtesy Ancient Temple Recordings (vinyl), Hibernation (cassette) and Pink Lemonade Records (CD).

Greber on Facebook and Bandcamp.