Track Premiere: Ominous Eclipse – ‘Spiral Into Insanity’

You might notice a conspicuous absence of Demo:listen this week on Decibel, but fear not: the column will return next week for all things cult, dark and foul. This morning, we’re bringing you a new track from Canadian death/black/thrash warriors Ominous Eclipse. 

Their new song “Spiral Into Insanity” has a strong death metal foundation, including very melodic leads, but there’s more than enough groovy thrash inspiration and even a hint of black metal there. “Spiral Into Insanity” comes from Ominous Eclipse’s Sinister, which is expected some time in 2018.

“‘Spiral Into Insanity’ is a groove based death metal song aimed to burst ears and crack necks,” Ominous Eclipse offer. “This track showcases both our guitar and vocal skills with trade off verses and dueling solos.”

You can find Ominous Eclipse’s previous releases on Bandcamp while you wait for Sinister.