Track Premiere: Derelict – “Versus Entropy”


After 12 years off, Montréal band Derelict are back with a brutal, technical track, “Versus Entropy.” Their album of the same name is out June 21.

About the track, the band say:

“If someone had never heard Derelict before and wanted to get an impression in one song, this would be the one. It’s melodic tech death with some brutal riff breaks, dueling solos, a lovely clean break, and an epic crescendo. The lyrics are about the human struggle to stave off decay and decline, which, of course, is impossible, and the toll that it takes.”

The new record is nine tracks long and takes on many themes about the diverse and complex human experience, all while showcasing how ripping and heavy their riffs can be. This song is a great first foray into the heavy and nuanced layers they will bring with this release.

Preorder the album here.