Track Premiere: Chaos Moon – ‘The Pillar, The Fall, and The Key (I)’

Eschaton Mémoire, the newest album from Philadelphia black metal group Chaos Moon, is an epic, raging work, including artwork from Leviathan’s Jef Whitehead. The first of five songs, “The Pillar, The Fall and The Key (I)” pulls you into a swirling void rife with blast beats, atmospherics and chilling screams. Read what the band had to say about the new song before listening to an exclusive stream below.

“This section sets the tone for the duration of the album, regarding intent and imagery,” Chaos Moon tell Decibel. “Everything is crafted with the aim of each listener experiencing it in their own unique way. Revealing too many details about the words and notes chosen and meanings behind them start to defeat the purpose set in motion during this track. Speaking vaguely, this piece is the ignition of the end on this plane and others; physically, spiritually, and beyond our comprehension. Capturing that urgency. The beginning of rebirth and the unraveling of consciousness and the ego.”

Eschaton Mémoire will see release on November 17 through Blood Music and Fallen Empire Records.