Track Premiere: Children of Terror – ‘(((Patah)))’

Indonesian hardcore group Children of Terror don’t shy away from taking any and all forms of heavy music and molding it to fit their breed of pulverizing metallic hardcore. Citing influences that range from influential hardcore acts like Disembodied and Integrity to powerviolence, heavy metal and even space rock, Children of Terror’s forthcoming Kaliyuga is a memorable hardcore record.

Many of those influences are on display on new song “(((Patah))),” where Children of Terror alternate between pit-opening riffs and high-speed hardcore punk madness. The band also successfully injects a shot of melody with strong clean vocals.

“This time we want to make something unique, quite different than our previous releases,” Children of Terror tell Decibel. “We wanted something heavier, something darker, in the vein of Unbroken, Integrity, Disembodied and many European hardcore/metal bands which always have dark image and sound, in my opinion. We also add noise music element to create atmosphere, so we get dark ambience that fit with the vibe of our music.”

“We cross any genre, we blend any music we know and shape it in the form of a hardcore band,” they add of their genre-bending tendencies. “Draw an influence from powerviolence, grindcore, punk to old school death metal, from heavy metal to progressive rock, even a little taste of space rock. We mixed it up and let’s just say we play 90’s metallic hardcore with different approach, by the music, sound, concept, and lyrics.”

Kaliyuga will be released by the band on September 14.