Cannabis Corpse Premiere New Song, Pick 10 Favorite Albums to Smoke To

Marijuana-themed death metal crushers Cannabis Corpse have spent the last eleven years unleashing humorous-but-brutal death metal. Their latest album, titled Left Hand Pass, will be their fifth full-length, which leads us to a very important question: when Cannabis Corpse aren’t writing their own music, what do they listen to?

Bassist/vocalist Landphil (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan) was kind enough to tell us about his favorite albums to smoke to, and some of them may surprise you. But before you read Landphil’s picks, enjoy a new Cannabis Corpse corpse song, “The 420th Crusade,” right now.

Landphil’s Top 10 Albums to Smoke Pot To

1.) Black SabbathMaster of Reality

If you haven’t already memorized every riff on this album, you are in danger of getting your metal card revoked.

2.) SavatageHall of the Mountain King

I know what you’re thinking: “Phil, this is not a band known for marijuana abuse.” My answer to that is “This is my top 10— I’ll do what I want!” Just let these tasty riffs melt your brain.

3.) The Flying Burrito BrothersGilded Palace of Sin

Graham Parsons had weed leaves sewn into his nudie suit. You know he was smoking tons of weed writing these killer country rock jammers.

4.) MacabreGloom

This album sounds like it was recorded in a trash can but you cannot deny the insane speed that these psychos laid down on these tracks. This album gets me every time. I love the personality oozing it of it.

5.) Doom Side of the MoonS/T

I’m throwing in a shout out to my buddy Kyle from The Sword. He created this amazing album this year and it is crushing. Can’t go wrong with these re-imagined classics. (Note: Read an extensive interview with Doom Side’s Kyle Shutt about the process of writing and recording Doom Side of the Moon here.)

6.) Unknown Hinson21 Chart Toppers

This guy is a genius! Unknown Hinson is the undisputed king of country western troubadours. His songs are hilarious and the guy can shred his god damn ass off on guitar. Has to be seen to be believed!

7.) Gorguts – From Wisdom to Hate

Want to harsh your mellow? Let these songs make your brain sick. This album is poser kryptonite.

8.) Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

This is my favorite black metal album of all time. Magic happened when this was recorded. I must have listened to it for a year straight.

9.) Perturbator – The Uncanny Valley

I really dig the new wave of dark synth bands coming out these days. Perturbator has a good grasp on how to make this style of music entertaining but keeping the vibe real evil.

10.) The Oblong BoysPizzarama Universe

If weird boinks and boops constitute music to you while you are high, this is the band for you.

Left Hand Pass will see release through Season of Mist on September 8. Pre-order it here.